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Alternatives to Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Jeske has obtained special training in the latest alternatives for vision correction. Together, we can determine whether you are a candidate for these options and discuss the risks and benefits of each procedure.

Orthoptic Vision Therapy

Orthoptic means, literally, “straightening the eye” and dates back to the 1850s. Through this kind of “physical therapy” for the eyes, many patients can enhance their visual skills which may reduce their reliance on corrective lenses. Together, we can determine if this option may be of benefit to you.

Your Most Comfortable Eyeglass Prescription

Did you know that your most comfortable vision correction may not necessarily be your clearest vision correction? For someone with multiple vision issue or people with hobbies or jobs that require specific types of correction, this can require more than one prescription, and subsequently, more than one pair of glasses. Determining the correct vision correction is a science, but determining the best and most comfortable vision correction is truly an art. It involves considering the lifestyle and priorities of the individual to craft a prescription that gives you clear and comfortable vision.

Technology and our Eyesight

Becoming a Squinter Nation by Melinda Beck (Wall Street Journal, August 2010)
An interesting article on technology-related vision concerns, including a list of correction options. (link will open in a new window)

About Multifocal Contact Lenses

An article by Nancy Del Pizzo and Liz Segre (reviewed by Joseph T. Barr, OD) from AllAboutVision.com explaining how bifocal and multifocal contact lenses work. Read the article (link will open in a new window)