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I find great satisfaction in providing eye and vision care of the highest quality. I take a “whole person” approach to vision care, taking into consideration many factors that may affect your vision, including your job, your medications and your lifestyle. I believe that simply treating the symptoms of a vision or eye care issue does a great disservice to your health, your comfort and the quality of your vision. Our thorough exam will help you determine the reason your eyes are changing, what treatment changes are truly necessary and provide options to correct for your vision changes.

If you have multiple concerns, you may find it helpful to make a list and bring it to your appointment. This will help the appointment run smoothly and ensure that I can address all of your concerns.

Please note: Pupil dilation will be performed on most complete eye exams. This is necessary to obtain a clear view of the inside of your eye to detect disease. Afterward, you will be more sensitive to light and may have difficulty reading for two to four hours. Distance vision may be affected. You may wish to bring sunglasses and someone to drive you home.

We at Tumwater Eye Center look forward to caring for you and your eyes and look forward to developing a life-long relationship as your vision and eye health caregivers.

During your eye exam I will

  • listen to your eye, vision and general health concerns
  • review your current medications, general health and current vision correction
  • discuss your personal vision care needs
  • measure your ability to see clearly and comfortably at various distances
  • measure your current prescription lenses and ability to see with them
  • determine your most comfortable eyeglass prescription
  • measure the ability of your eyes to move easily and to function together
  • microscopically examine your lids, lashes, tears, cornea, iris and fluid in your eyes
  • check your eye pressure for glaucoma
  • check your lens for cataracts
  • dilate your pupils in order to examine your retina, macula, blood vessels and optic nerve (sometimes dilation is not necessary)
  • provide you with written prescriptions for eyeglasses and any medications you may need with complete instructions
  • If contact lenses are an option for you, I will take additional measurements and evaluations to determine the bestcontact lens option for your specific eye care needs. This will incur extra cost for fitting, training and follow-up visits.