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Polarized lenses reduce the amount of glare that is allowed to pass through an optical lens. Glare can greatly impede your vision especially in fast moving situations, such as driving or boating. Polarized lenses help to block scattered waves of light, more specifically from horizontal surfaces. Wearing non-polarized sunglasses simply reduces the amount of light that passes through the lenses. When you do not block the actual scattered waves of light, you may still experience glare.

Who can benefit from polarized lenses?
The fact is everyone can. Having polarized lenses allows you to be able to see more clearly in general. In the great PNW polarized lenses allow us to be able to see the wet road more clearly when driving as well as see better in outdoor environments while hiking, boating and golfing. On our cloud covered days, people tend to think sunglasses aren’t necessary, however you will be amazed at the clarity of vision when you use polarized lenses. The possibilities really are endless.

What frames can I use?
People tend to like a frame that hugs a little closer to the face or that is a little bigger in terms of lens size to block out more sun. However, in reality any frame that you can put clear ophthalmic lenses into you can put polarized lenses into as well.

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