Tumwater Eye Center strongly supports limiting exposure to the Coronavirus by encouraging social distancing to help stop the fast spread of Coronavirus. We are following the State, Federal, and CDC recommendations and therefore have postponed all routine and non-urgent eye care at our office until at least April 8, 2020.

Please call or text 360-352-6060 during and after business hours.

We urge your to call us first before your go to the emergency, urgent care, or primary care. We have implemented options to examine your medical eye concerns REMOTELY.

Tumwater Eye Center encourages you to remember that our attitudes have a significant impact on our overall health. Prioritize what you can control: use of social distancing, staying physically active, creating healthy eating habits, and choosing media and information sources wisely.

Please find our Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. I have an eye concern and need an examination or to talk to the doctor?

Answer: Please call or text our office at 360-352-6060.

New laws allow us to provide a medical examination of your eye from the safety of your own home using video, phone call, or text messaging.

Question 2. What should I do if I am in need of additional contact lenses?

Answer:  Call or text our office at 360-352-6060.

We are waiving all shipping fees and strongly recommend ordering a 6 months supply. Your prescription will be verified and contacts shipped to you.

Question 3. My glasses are broken and I have no back up?

Answer: Call or text our office at 360-352-6060.

We will schedule a time to repair or replace your glasses using social distancing.

Question 4. I need a routine exam for glasses or contacts.

Answer: Call or text our office at 360-352-6060. We will schedule a future appointment.