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My goal is to provide compassionate eye care for all ages in a professional, unhurried environment.

I specialize in

  • Medical management for glaucoma, macular degeneration, floaters, dry eye disease
  • Medical eye care for issues related to diabetes and allergies
  • Specialty prescription contacts and eyeglasses for astigmatism and multifocal correction
  • Testing and treatment for vision-related learning disabilities
  • Care for computer-related vision concerns including eye strain and headaches
  • Laser vision correction evaluations

Eye care is so much more than just seeing clearly; your eye health truly affects your everyday life. Medical conditions, dry eyes, eye strain from using computers and digital devices… most of your vision concerns can be addressed for improved clarity and comfort.

While I utilize some of the latest technologies, I believe that the human element of your eye care – the relationship you establish with your provider, and the ability of a professional to interpret the results of tests and exams – is what ensures your best vision correction and eye health.