Eye Care

Choices you make everyday can affect and help preserve your eyesight.

Wear sunglasses. Even on overcast days, glare and UV rays can affect your eyesight, damage your eyes and cause eyestrain. Make sure that the glasses you choose are labeled to block 100% of UV rays and are large enough to cover your eyes for maximum sun protection.

Eat a balanced diet high in antioxidants and nutrients proven to protect eyesight. Researchers have linked eye-friendly nutrients such as lutein/zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc to reducing the risk of certain eye diseases, including macular degeneration and cataract formation.

Don't smoke. Smoking exposes your eyes to high levels of noxious chemicals and increases the risk for developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

Get regular exercise. Even a daily walk imporoves blood circulation, increases oxygen levels to the eyes, and flushes harmful toxins from your body.

Wear eye protection when participating in sports or activities where you could get hit in the face with debris, liquids or chemicals that could get in your eyes.

Regular eye exams. A professional can monitor your vision and detect changes in your eye health. Proper care and treatment can prevent further deterioration of your eye health and other complications.

  • Children ages birth to 3 should have exams as needed
  • Children ages 4 to 18 should have exams every 1 to 2 years
  • Adults ages 18 to 40 should have exams every 2 to 3 years
  • Adults 61 and older should have exams annually
  • Additionally, all contact lens wearers should have exams annually

Blink frequently and take regular breaks when working at a computer, watching television or using electronic devices to prevent dry eyes and eyestrain. Occasionally focus on something in the distance to allow your eyes to rest.

Wear and care for your contact lenses properly. Read this information from the American Optometric Association for more specific "do"s and "don't"s.

All of these are easy, common sense ways to protect your vision.


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